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Punch Time Clock Still The Most Common Type Of Time Clock
Punch Time Clock

Traditional punch time clocks are still the most common type of time clock on the market. Today, there are many different versions of the punch time clock. Some are the traditional analog clock with time cards, other are digital and store information for later retrieval while still other have online capabilities, but they are on their way out. As demands on businesses become more complex, traditional punch time clocks no longer do the job, especially for mid-size to large organizations.

Most time management and attendance systems today have PC or Internet capabilities so that employers do not spend hours doing the repetitive tasks required by manual punch time clocks. Newer systems will calculate employee hours, differential pay scales, the amount of time spent on each project, and job costs.

Modern punch time clocks are connected to the Internet and are web-based. Some manufacturers have now created models that permit the customer to download the programs to the company server and work from there. Regardless of the system acquired, they will pay for themselves in short order since they eliminate the costs associated with older models that are, the time cards, time spent creating new cards, time spent doing the calculations of each employees rate, hours, and overtime in addition to costs necessitated by storage of old cards.

Online punch time clocks offer far more options that the old-fashioned ones. Employees like their ease of use and ability to instantly calculate …